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Peter Sinenko

Peter Sinenko - Born in Kiev in Ukraine, previously worked as a supply manager at the Zirka Factory. Peter is now officially retired and is happy to share his experience with the readers of Bank Login Lab.

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What is a bank draft post image

What is a bank draft?

A bank draft is a useful payment tool often used when safety is an issue.  For instance, when the seller has no prior relationship with the buyer, they may prefer a bank draft as a payment option if they believe that getting payment may be difficult.

Similarly, when the transaction involves large amounts of money, …

Androscoggin Bank USA Login & Review post image

Androscoggin Bank USA Review

For more than 140 years, Androscoggin Bank has been nurturing relationships and fostering its customers’ prosperity through the provision of reliable financial services. The independently owned community bank whose headquarters are in Maine has 13 banking centers in the area. The services the bank offers range from simple savings and checking accounts to innovative online …

Busey Bank Login & Review image

Busey Bank Review

Busey Bank is a top-rated financial institution that began its operations in 1869. The bank’s modern banking services and affordable loans have made it a bank of choice for many people in the Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, and Florida areas. The bank that is headquartered in Illinois has also scoped several awards in the banking sector, …

SmartBank Login & Review image

SmartBank Review

SmartBank started its operations in 2006. The bank headquartered in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, has 29 branches in the Tennessee, Florida Panhandle, and Alabama areas.

By delivering exceptional value to its clients and through strategic branching, the bank has become a force to reckon with among the financial institutions in the US.

SmartBank has continued to …

Bank of North Carolina Login & Review blog post image

Bank of North Carolina Review

Bank of North Carolina (BNC) is a high performing and customer-focused bank established in 1991. In June 2017, BNC merged with Pinnacle bank to widen its customer reach and enhance its financial products. After the merger, BNC now operates as a subsidiary of Pinnacle Bank.

Before the two banks merged, BNC had 76 branches in …

Berkshire Bank Login & Review

Berkshire Bank Review

Berkshire Bank is a leading bank in the US that offers its customers financial services that are tailored to their needs.

The bank that was established in 1846 is headquartered in Pittsfield. As of June 2020, the bank which is the 3rd largest in Massachusetts had 130 branches.

Berkshire bank prides itself on its …

what are the 3 economic questions that must be answered post image

What are the 3 economic questions that must be answered?

For a society to be able to define itself as successful when it comes to how they take care of their people, financially, it should be able to answer the three basic economic questions. The answers to these key economic questions will serve as proof that society is doing its duty in ensuring that the …

bank-of-america-login image

Bank of America Review

Bank of America is a leading global bank known for its excellent digital experience. The bank’s well-designed online and mobile banking tools are easy to use and access.  

If you’re an account holder with the bank and you want to enjoy the convenience that comes with online banking, here is everything you need to know …

how to transfer money from paypal to bank post image

How to Transfer Money from PayPal to Bank?

PayPal is an e-commerce website that connects two parties to carry out online payments and online transfers, but of course, you already know that; that’s why you want to know how to transfer money from your existing PayPal account to your bank account. 

To transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account can …

how much money can you have in the bank on ssdi blog post image

How Much Money Can you Have in the Bank on SSDI

SSDI was introduced in 1991 by the Social Security Administration, an act of kindness that is bestowed on disabled citizens of the United States of America. Social Security Disability insurance (SSDI), commonly known as Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), can be simply defined as a federal insurance program that provides income to people whose physical disabilities …