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Bank of America Review

Bank of America Review

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Bank of America is a leading global bank known for its excellent digital experience. The bank’s well-designed online and mobile banking tools are easy to use and access.  

If you’re an account holder with the bank and you want to enjoy the convenience that comes with online banking, here is everything you need to know about Bank of America internet banking.

Bank of America Login Online

Having a Bank of America online account allows you to stay connected to your account 24/7 without the need to visit the bank physically.  There are two ways you can log in to your Bank of America internet account:

  • Using a computer
  • Using a mobile phone or tablet

How to Login Bank of America

Accessing Bank of America online login page from your computer, mobile phone, or tablet isn’t rocket science. The bank’s website is not only easy to access but user-friendly too.

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow if you are accessing the bank’s online account from your desktop or laptop.

  • On your computer’s browser type in the words ‘Bank of America’
  • Access the bank’s homepage – from the search results
  • On the homepage left-hand side, you will get a prompt to enter your online ID and passcode
nter your online ID and passcode
  • Enter the required details
  • Select ‘Sign In.’
  • If you keyed in the correct details, the site will take you to your account.

You also have the option of allowing the site to save your online ID and password. What this means is that every time you log into your online account with the same computer, the site automatically fills these details for you.

To save your ID number, tick on the “Save This Online ID” icon. Never save your bank ID or passcode on a public computer as everyone who gains access to the computer can log in to your account. If you need to clear a saved online ID, you can go to profile and settings, select saved online IDs and delete them.

If you want to access your online account using your mobile phone, you’ll need to download the Bank of America mobile app.  If you’re an iPad, Android, Windows 10, or iPhone user, you can download the app for free from Play Store or iTunes.

Here are the steps you’ll follow to access your Bank of America online account using your mobile phone or tablet.

The bank of America mobile app is easy to use and convenient.  It also gives you one of the best mobile banking experiences as it allows you to customize your dashboard and redeem the BankAmericard rewards.

You can also access the Bank of America sign in icon from any page on the bank’s website. Just check for a Sign In icon at the far right corner while on any page of the site.  Once you click on this icon, you will need to enter your city of residence and your online sign in details.

How to Reset Your Passwords

If you forgot your passcode such that it becomes impossible for you to access your online account, you can reset it.

Resetting your passcode is also recommended if you think someone may have gained unauthorized access to your personal computer.  Regularly resetting your passcode also ensures Bank of America secure bank login as it prevents hackers from accessing your account details.

Always ensure the ID and passcode you use for your bank account are unique from any other account ID and password. This reduces the risk of access to all your accounts in case of a password hack.

Follow the below simple steps if you need to reset your Bank of America online passcode or ID.

  • Visit the bank of America homepage –
  • Below the enter passcode button, you’ll see the “Forgot Passcode” prompt
Bank of America Forgot Passcode image
  • Click on the prompt, and you’ll be directed to the “Forgot Online ID and Passcode” page
  • On the page, you’ll need to enter the last six digits of your account number and your personal identification information such as your Social Security Number (SSN) or your Tax ID Number (TIN)
Bank of America Social Security Number (SSN) or your Tax ID Number (TIN) image
  • Ensure you enter the prompted details correctly and press “Continue.”
  • If you don’t have a tax ID or social security number, click on “Don’t Have an SSN or TIN.”
Bank of America Don’t Have an SSN or TIN. image
  • You will be directed to a new page where you will need to key in your account number and your ATM last six numbers
  • Next key in your PIN and you can now reset your passcode or ID

How to Enroll in Bank of America

To enjoy the Bank of America online banking services, you must have an account with the bank. You must also enroll in the bank’s internet banking program. Enrolling in this program allows you to choose a unique online ID and passcode that you can use to access your online account.

Enrolling for the Bank of America online banking program is achievable in four easy steps.

  1. Key in your identification information – Here you’ll need to key in the last six digits of your account and your SSN or TIN
  2. Create a unique ID and passcode
  3. Security set-up- You’ll get a prompt that requires you to provide details that will help ensure your login details are safe
  4. Review- The bank reviews your log in details and lets you know if the process of enrolling for internet banking has been successful

Bank of America Online Account

There are many benefits of getting a Bank of America online account. Top among them is the ability to access your account anywhere, anytime. Other notable benefits of this account include:

  • Access to customized notifications on the activities of your account
  • Makes it easy to pay your bills as you don’t have to visit the bank physically
  • You can quickly transfer funds from your account to other people’s accounts using the bank’s mobile payment app- Zelle.
  • Allows you to use your Bank of America credit card login details to keep track of your spending from the comfort of your home
  • Easy access to the bank’s customer care through chat
  • Some of the bank’s services that you can access using your online account include:
  • Check your account balance anywhere anytime
  • Deposit checks
  • Send money
  • Order checks
  • View your e-statements

Bank of America Review

Bank of America is the third-largest bank in the U.S. It serves approximately 67 million clients. With more than 4,400 retail centers and about 16,000 ATMs, this is one of the easiest to access banks in America.

Bank of America is also a digital leader famous for its easy to use and convenient online and mobile banking app. The bank’s mobile payment system Zelle allows customers to make online transfers directly to friends and family bank accounts in minutes. The bank’s digital virtual financial assistance Erica also helps customers keep track of their finances.

If you are looking for a bank that you can access anywhere and one with a modern digital experience, then the Bank of America fits the bill perfectly.  Unfortunately, this bank may not be ideal for customers who require a high rate of return for their savings. The bank has relatively low-interest rates, and its incidental fees may seem high to some customers.

In case of any issues or queries with your bank of America account, the bank’s customer service is available via chat, Facebook, or Twitter. You can also physically visit the bank on one of its 4,400 branches or call them on 800-432-1000. For customers who are deaf or have difficulties hearing, customer care is available on 800-288-4408. Those outside the US can contact the bank using 1-315-724-4022.

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