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How to Focus on Improvement During Perceived Negative Times

How to Focus on Improvement During Perceived Negative Times

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I am one that believes in creating your own economy, so when I hear the discussion of down times I normally don’t listen. There is an issue when your organization or an individual in the organization does not share this belief.

The key then is to understand that people are thinking that things are in a down time. Once you have established that awareness you need to take the next step and start the damage control. You do this by focusing on improvement.

Whenever things are not working as planned it is very important to get back to the basics. This goes for your organization as well as your life. Even though I believe we create our own economy, I do not wear rose colored glasses everyday. There will be days and times that things are perceived as negative. This is the time to focus on the basics because they will get you through.

All greatness starts with the fundamentals. I am a huge sports fan and I love sports analogies. Let’s look at one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan. If Michael Jordan did not know how to dribble but could shoot would he have been great? The reason Michael Jordan was great was because he focused on the fundamentals and was constantly improving them. When his team had a bad game, they went right back to the fundamentals.

So many times in life we look for the secret that will get us to the next level. We lose sight that hard work and improvement are the true secrets to getting to the next level.

We hear of people and organizations that make it happen “over night”. What we don’t hear is all the hard work it took to get to that success. It takes a lot of work and time to be an “overnight success.”

Focus on improvement and the down times will become up times. We truly do create our own economy for ourselves and our organizations. Build the belief and focus on one percent a day and watch the results.

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