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Useful Selling Secrets

For many businesses, this is the time of year when business and sales begin to pick up, which begs the question: Are there any sales secrets you can employ to ensure that you will have a successful season?

You bet. Here are some sales tips from the pros:

Enthusiasm works! Master salesman and motivator Zig …

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How to Keep Your Overhead Low

Let’s face it, cash flow is the lifeblood of your business. The abundance of it keeps you rocking all through the day, and a lack of it keeps you waking all through the night. And that means that especially these days, plenty of small business people are not getting enough sleep, eh?

So how do …

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How To Be A Great Boss

Let me suggest that best bosses have most of these traits in common:

  • They are not micromanagers: Great bosses hire people whom they trust, and then give those people the room to do their job right. Sure these bosses coach, but they don’t try and do the job themselves.
  • They have good manners: If we