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Office Ally Login and Review

Office Ally Login and Review

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What is Office Ally?

It’s time to do what you do best and leave the technicalities to the experts! Office Ally is a 21-year old online software that lets professionals from the medical industry manage their daily schedule, like claims creation, accounting bills, patient statements, health records, EHR paperwork and so much more. Office Ally’s most popular feature is its Сlearinghouse which connects sellers and buyers of medical claims and equipment for a small fee.

What is an login Process?

It’s a pretty straightforward process which is made easier still with the following steps.

  1. Visit the login page for the service that you are looking for.
  2. On the homepage, go through the drop-down menu at the top, hover your cursor over the ‘Login’ option, and click the service that you want to login at (practice mate, EHR, patient ally, service center etc.).
  3. You will be led to the actual login page of the portal.
  4. Enter your username and password in the boxes provided, and click on the ‘Log In’ button. You will be directly led to your personal dashboard. LoginForgot username and/or password? No need to fret! Click the relevant link on the Ally login webpage for ‘Username’, type in your email ID, enter the captcha accurately, and submit the details. You will receive your username in your inbox immediately! Forgot Username Similarly, if you have forgotten your password, click the ‘reset password’ link on the sign up page, enter your username and email ID, type in the captcha and select ‘submit’ to receive your password. You can also directly access the password and username reset links from the dropdown menu on the homepage. Plus, the unique links for the Office Ally EHR login and the Office Ally Practice Mate login are available in that dropdown menu as well.

Office Ally Short Review

The Office Ally business is best known for its clearinghouse – a unique opportunity for medical vendors to meet buyers who are willing to purchase the things that you don’t need or the claims that you have crafted yourself. Additionally, you can manage your finances over the portal depending upon the type of medical business that you run. For instance, the Ally Practice Mate login allows you to enter their amazing range of practice-related services, like the all-inclusive Practice Management System, claim crafting forms and templates, accounting software and so much more!


Given the sheer range of services provided and the absolute ease with which you can login to Office Ally, we are more than willing to give their website a 5-star rating which they most certainly deserve! The user interface is decently attractive, whereas the navigation through the portal is easy as pie. However, the one service that takes the cake is their management software for all their offerings! It’s smooth, contains everything that a medical professional needs, and is easily accessible to both doctors and patients.

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