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S&T Bank Review

S&T Bank Review

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S&T Bank was founded as the “Savings & Trust Company of Indiana” in 1902. With over 100 years of service, it has established a prominent presence in the financial sector of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. 

S&T provides a variety of financial services, making it one of the most well-reputed banks in the area. It was recently rated by Forbes as the second-best bank in Pennsylvania. 

S&T Bank Login Online

In this digital day and age, S&T has adapted to technological advancements by establishing a fully functional online and mobile banking platform. 

If you’re an S&T customer, you can register for the bank’s internet banking facilities. Through these, you can manage all of your loans and accounts from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else in the world for that matter.

Read on for a comprehensive guide that explains the steps to use S&T Bank login online.

How to Login S&T Bank

Every active customer is provided with S&T bank online login details, through which they can access their online accounts by following just a few simple steps:

1. Go to the following link:

2. Choose your type of account from the following options displayed on the top-right corner of the webpage: Personal, Business, and Other. 

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3. Enter your unique User ID and click on “Sign In.”

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Click on the “Continue with Security Code” button on the next page.

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Choose between the phone numbers already associated with your account or select the text message option to receive a security code. Click on “Continue.”

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Choose a region and enter the phone number you wish to receive the code on. Click on “Send Text Message.”

One time security code image

Enter the security code to complete the S&T Bank online login process. 

How to Reset Your Passwords

It is crucial to log out of the online account once you’re done with all of your banking activities. Since only you are supposed to have access to your account, leaving it logged in on any device would increase the risk of unauthorized people gaining access to your account.

Forgetting your password when trying to log in again can cause problems. However, S&T bank provides its customers with several ways to retrieve or reset their passwords:

  1. You can simply click on the “Forgot Password” button on the S&T bank sign-in screen. Once you confirm your identity, you will be given the option to reset the password. 
  2. In case you haven’t forgotten your password but still wish to change it, you can log in to your account, go to the Customer Service tab, and avail the option to change your password.

If you have any queries on the password retrieval process, you can always contact S&T bank’s customer support through the following phone number: 800-325-2265. 

How to Enroll in S&T Bank 

To get S&T bank personal login credentials and use their online facilities, you first have to register for online banking service. Once that is done, you’ll be able to login to your account and perform all sorts of banking tasks. Here are the steps you need to follow:

1. Go to

2. Click on the “Sign Up” button on the top-right corner of the webpage.

Enroll in Online Banking image

2. The following page will enlist a set of instructions for you to follow. Be sure to read them carefully.

On the same page, choose between two account types: Visa CheckCard and Checking, Saving, or Money Market Account. Check the box next to “I have read and agree to the Online Banking Disclosure” and click on “Continue” to proceed. 

Enter your personal details into the comprehensive form that follows. Click on “Continue” to proceed when done. 

Online banking enrollment image

Once the verification process is complete, you will have successfully signed up for S&T’s online banking platform. You can now use S&T Bank sign in to use the many different online services. 

S&T Bank Online Account

An S&T bank online account can make your life extremely easy. It will efficiently consolidate all of your banking activities onto one concise platform, allowing you to have significant control over your financial assets. Let’s take a look at some of its main features: 

  • Mobile Banking: The account can be accessed from the palm of your hand via Mobile Web, Applications, and even Texts. 
  • Bill Payment: You can securely pay all of your bills through the account. 
  • Online Statements: You can access an overview of your account transactions at any time via online bank statements. 
  • Money Transfer: An online account allows you to send or receive money to or from another account. 
  • Personal Finance: The Personal Finance Management tool on an S&T online account allows you to manage multiple bank accounts from the same platform. It also gives you the facility to link accounts and track your spending in order to stay on budget. 
  • Account Alerts: Account alerts through email and text messages will help you stay connected to your account at all times. 

S&T Bank Review

S&T Bank is undoubtedly one of the heavy-weights as far as financial health is concerned. As of 2019, the bank has handled $5 billion in deposits and $7 billion in assets. The facilities available to the bank’s customers are worthy of acclaim, but some would still say that they lack the final touches needed for S&T to be categorized as a premium banking service. 

Traditional banking is still S&T’s strong suit, despite the technological advancements made in recent years. Even though the online services are booming, there is still no option for all-day service or live chat. Their mobile app, however, is among the best in the business. 

At a savings rate of 0.05%, S&T was far behind the national average of 0.15% in 2019. If you’re looking to open a savings account, you may want to sow your seeds elsewhere. However, in terms of quality of service and customer satisfaction, the bank is highly-rated.


S&T Bank’s online facilities are top-notch. And if you’re a customer, be sure to avail them by following the steps mentioned above. Happy banking!

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