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Useful Selling Secrets

Useful Selling Secrets

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For many businesses, this is the time of year when business and sales begin to pick up, which begs the question: Are there any sales secrets you can employ to ensure that you will have a successful season?

You bet. Here are some sales tips from the pros:

Enthusiasm works! Master salesman and motivator Zig Zigler says that for every sale you lose because you are too enthusiastic, you will lose 100 because you are not enthusiastic enough.

Similarly, infomercial guru Tony Little (think the Gazelle aerobics machine) has sold more than $3 billion in products. One of his sales secrets is “enthusiasm sells!” And if you have ever seen Tony in one of his infomercials or on HSN, you know he practices what he preaches.

Being enthusiastic about your product gets people excited. It works.

Golf lessons: You would be unwise to take golf lessons from me, that’s for sure, but I once interviewed a world-class salesperson who said that the secret to sales is similar to the secret of golf – the harder you try, the worse you do.

Now, why is that? Because your customers can smell it when you are trying to sell them something, and they don’t like that. It’s a very Zen idea then: Try less, sell more.

Stress benefits, not features: Why do people buy power drills? Not because they need a 3 speed drill with extra torque, but because they need a hole. The hole is the benefit, the torque is a feature. Why do I buy my wife flowers? Not because I like red roses, but because I like to see her happy; that’s the benefit.

People buy benefits, not features.

Car salesman lessons: When you go on to that car lot, what happens? A salesperson moseys up and asks you a few seemingly innocent questions: What are you looking for, what do you drive now, how much are you looking to spend? Your answers help them craft their pitch. Asking and listening often beats talking when it comes to sales.

But more than that, car salespeople always want you to test drive the car. Why? Because that gets you emotionally involved in the purchase. Driving the car allows you to feel what it is like to own it.

That is a very important sales tip. If you can create in your customer a visceral feeling about owning your product, you are half way home.

It’s about service, not sales: Trying to sell someone something they may or may not need may work once, but it won’t get you repeat sales. What will? Understanding that your real job is to help the customer solve their problem. They came to see you because they need something. That’s the ticket.

If you concentrate on solving problems, alleviating those needs, more than you worry about the actual sale, the sales will come, almost effortlessly.

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